About Steve

My backstory, or what you should know about who I am and what I’m doing.

After more than a decade devoted to growing my own public relations and advertising agency in Portland, Oregon, I co-founded an e-learning company called StoriedLearning, Inc. We attracted a world-class management team and board of directors, which included Mike Richardson, president of Dark Horse Comics and Dark Horse Entertainment (production credits include Hellboys 1 & 2, The Mask, Mystery Men, and more).

After StoriedLearning, I worked under Mike’s aegis, writing spec movie concepts, treatments, and scripts for several years before starting work on my Into the Mist YA fantasy series, which includes Silver Hand and two more books yet to be released. The story’s unlikely hero is a teenage boy with temporal lobe epilepsy or TLE. Learn more about his story here.

The ebook edition of Silver Hand is available on Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords. Silver Hand (a beta version) is also available FREE as an author-read podcast in 19 episodes on this site and on iTunes.

And now I’ve added The Alameda short fiction page to my site. Here’s the story: Not long ago, an idea came to me to write a series of short stories (urban fantasy stories mostly) about growing up in Portland’s Alameda neighborhood back in the 1960s and to publish these stories as a collection on Amazon, etc. After walking the old neighborhood and delving into The Oregonian newspaper archives, I wrote my first story, more or less for the fun of it. By the time I sent it to my editor, I was hooked. Wasn’t it enough to have a second novel in the editing process? Apparently not. You can blame my muse … and my love for The Alameda.

Okay, you’re saying, that’s wonderful, but what’s with Achieving Wow!?

Researching temporal lobe epilepsy for Into the Mist excited my interest in extraordinary states of mind, including moments and lingering states of insight, clarity, wonder, illumination, transcendence – in short Wow! experiences, marked by the sudden intrusion of the extraordinary into our ordinary lives. My explorations along this line have been channeled into writing an Achieving Wow! collection of 100-word stories & wonders (fiction).

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