Beautiful Dreamer

From a collection of 100-word stories & wonders

A young girl’s lucid dreams are turned into a weapon in the ongoing War on Terror. Image by thierry ehrmann, via flickr.

Lacey thumbed a switch on Rosy’s head-up display glasses. “Okay, Rosy, exactly one minute after you hit REM, we’ll flash the LEDs, same as last time. You roger with the standard left-right-left-right eye movements. All clear on your destination and target?” Rosy nodded, sniffed. “Mr. Lacey. If we get the guys who killed all those people… can I go home?” Lacey sighed, wondered again if using an 11-year-old lucid dreamer to pinpoint terrorist targets for drone strikes was to make “a heap of broken images” of everything he held dear. “Get some sleep, Rosy.”

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