Camino Miracle

From a collection of 100-word stories & wonders

If you walk the pilgrim road to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, don’t be surprised if you encounter a miracle along the way. Photo of Hieronymus Bosch painting of St. James the Greater, via Wikimedia.


“Buen Camino!” said Michael, stopping on the narrow shoulder beside a sun-blackened man. “An American!” boomed the man, pumping Michael’s hand. “Mike. Seattle.” “Jim. Jerusalem, but ages ago.” “You on pilgrimage to Santiago?” asked Michael, flexing mashed fingers. “Could walk it backwards blindfolded, but I’ve a rendezvous today.” Michael grimaced. “Got anything for blister—” “Watch out!” Michael rocketed off his feet to engine roar; landed facing a retreating tailgate. Dust bloomed where he’d been standing. He wanted to hug the man, to run in whooping circles on bloody feet. “Jesus! Thank you!” he cried, searching the settling haze. “Jim?”

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