Comic Con Incognito

From a collection of 100-word stories & wonders

Robert Downey Jr. goes for an incognito spin in an experimental remote-controlled Ironman costume. Photo by Richie S, via flickr.

“Crank up the fan, I’m dying in here.” “Roger, Bob… Better?” “Better.” “Okay, we’re gonna wave your hand at those hot girls.” “Which ones?” “Look for Daenerys Targaryen. Ten o’clock. Enormous stuffed dragon.” “Check. What now?” “Nothing. Relax, we’re driving. Okay, say hi.” “Hi, ladies!” “Hey, Ironman! Can we get a selfie with you?” “Sure.” “Pssst, Bob, They’ve no idea it’s you!” “One more!” “Whoa! Sorry, Scarlett, gotta go. Hey, slow it down!” “Confession, Bob, something’s wrong!” “No shit! I’m jogging.” “Mayday, Bob, controls aren’t responding.” “You’re kidding. Right?” “Bob! We can’t stop Ironman!” “Seriously, not funny.” “Wookie dead ahead!”

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