Disabled and Gifted

From a collection of 100-word stories & wonders

A boy suffering from temporal lobe epilepsy sees the ability in his disability thanks to the creative genius of Vincent van Gogh. Image of Van Gogh self portrait via Wikimedia.


“Amazing work! What is it?” Mac the Janitor leaned on his push broom, gazing down. “Corvus,” said Bobby, “crow-man hero of my graphic novel. Just wait till I ink him. Raven black.” Mac’s eyes darted: litter patrol. “You’re in Mrs. Field’s class.” Nice way of saying Special Ed. “Yeah, I’m just waitin’ for the tard cart.” Mac brayed. “Well, from one short bus rider to another, you just missed it.” Bobby stared. “ADHD,” said Mac. Bobby tapped his temple. “Epilepsy.” Mac sighed. “Disabilities.” “Gift!” “Oh?” “Van Gogh had epilepsy.” Mac sized Bobby up. Grinned. “I doodle a little myself.”

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