Dizzying Thoughts

From a collection of 100-word stories & wonders

In the shadow of Mt. Hood, two women spend a head-spinning moment reflecting on the mystery of the self. Photo by Jeff Hollett, via Wikimedia.

“Post card view, isn’t it?” murmured Gillian. “Amazing!” sighed Michelle. They stood on a wooden platform overlooking Trillium Lake. “Makes me kinda dizzy,” said Michelle. “Dizzy? Why?” “Ever since I was little, I’ve wondered: Which is the real me, the one staring in the mirror or the one staring out? Crazy, I know. Always makes my head spin. Ever wonder things like that?” Gillian inhaled the sweet mountain air. “Use to. Why am I me and not my sister? That’s what I used to wonder. Weird.” “So’s the mountain there or in the lake?” “Let’s go before our heads explode.”

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