Future Past

From a collection of 100-word stories & wonders

A story about the persistence of memory, written on Mother’s Day 2017 and published while the holiday still looms large in the rearview mirror. Image via Wikimedia.

One sunny Saturday in June 1965, Ralph watched his mom mixing tuna in a bright stainless steel bowl and thought about the year 2000. Videophones, robots, jetpacks. He’d be, what, 45! Old! … Shortly after the dawn of the new millennium, Ralph took a stroll through the old neighborhood, delighted that time had left his childhood home untouched. Forget jetpacks. He could almost taste Mom’s amazing tuna sandwiches. … By 60, Ralph frequently woke at four a.m., haunted, bewildered, remote. Time, that cheater, had pulled his life out from under him. Where was his mother from that sunny June day in 1965?

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