Loss for Words

From a collection of 100-word stories & wonders

The first of three stories inspired and informed by “Single Room, Earth View,” an article by the late Sally Ride published in Air & Space Magazine, July 2012. NASA photo (retouched) via Wikimedia. Look for the next story in this three-part series on February 15.

Serena slouched on her regular stool, finger-dipping Scotch, tracing islands on the bar. “So, our space tourist’s back,” said Max the Bartender. “You know,” Serena mused aloud, “from up there, Hawaii looks just like a page from an atlas.” “Really?” She nodded soberly. “Yup. Amazing. Yet far from the most amazing part…” But Max had hurried down the line, taking orders. Serena smudged out her sloppy sketch, fought the urge to scream, to rageanything to get past their indifference. It was hard being wide awake in a sleepwalking world… Where were the words? She should’ve read more poetry.

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