Martian Gardens

From a collection of 100-word stories & wonders

To the delight of her crewmates, including Adam, an expedition botanist named Eve plants her own garden on Mars. Photo by Dimitri Gerondidakis, via NASA

Eve shouted over the com: “Hey, everybody, get over here and check out the first garden on Mars, and don’t anyone say it, kay? “Say what?” laughed Karen. “Oh, you mean—” “Never mind,” said Eve. “That includes you, Adam.” “Roger that.” “Hey, our botanist plant any pomegranates?” asked Patrick. “See for yourself.” “How ’bout apples?” “I’m serious, guys, knock it off! Just get your asses over here.” … “Hey, check out all that beautiful green!” cried Patrick. “I’m homesick!” Eve pointed to racked sprouts. “Those are radishes, and kale—” “And tomatoes!” cried Patrick. “Fair warning, Adam, pick your own tomatoes.” “Guys!”

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