Medicine Man

From a collection of 100-word stories & wonders

Fate pulls a U-turn on a man contemplating oblivion from a perch high above the Grand Canyon. Inspired by Photo “Contemplative Precipice” by Joshua G. Chang, via Wikimedia.

Dawn. The Grand Canyon. Nate sat the rim alone, contemplating oblivion. Creaking joints disturbed his reverie. An old man. Dark eyes. Gray Ponytail. rawhide complexion. A sudden calming influence beside him. Not unlike the candle Nate burned every night, for Maggie. The man doodled in condensed vapor, a mandala taking shape on the bench seat. “Medicine wheel?” asked Nate. “Happy Face,” said the man flatly. Nate laughed. First time in weeks. “Could use a ride,” said the man. “Where to?” “Albuquerque.” “I’m from Albuquerque!” said Nate, half-turning. … Nate glanced back at the rim as they walked to his car.

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