Mother’s Love

From a collection of 100-word stories & wonders

Inspired by wet footprints by the backdoor: a story about one mother’s huge-hearted love for her one and only. Photo by Steve Finegan.

Bare Feet

He stood in slanting sunlight, smiling through the screen door, dripping wet in clinging yellow shorts. “There you are!” she said in a sudden excited rush. He made her do that. He was so full of life, so, so… “Where you been?” “Zack’s.” One-word answers. Monosyllables. The usual. “Doing what?” “Marco Polo.” “You’re shivering.” “Mom.” Before he was even through the door, she was flipping on the burner and going for the refrigerator door at the same time. “You must be starving,” she said in a breathy voice. Cooking for him ranked right up there with her wedding day.

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