Mountain Majesty

From a collection of 100-word stories & wonders

A fisherman warns his friend to show some respect for Mt. Hood’s capricious god or he just might take a tumble, or worse. Photo by AlexAH, via Wikimedia.


Just after sunup, two fishermen, their waders cinched at the waist, stood thigh deep in Trillium Lake. “Mountain’s nice today,” said one. “Nice?” groaned the other. “You awake? Alive? Blood pumpin’? ’Cause you don’t appreciate majesty when you see it. It’s magnificent!” “I reckon it is.” “You know the Indians called it ‘Wy’east’a god.” “I like ‘Hood.’ … Might be fun to climb tomorrow.” “Climb! Tomorrow! Just like that?” “Yep.” “Old Wy’east may not take kindly to such frivolous climbing. Rocks might crush you, or crevasses swallow you, or blinding clouds engulf you.” “I’ll take my chances.” “Famous last words.”

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