Rare Books

From a collection of 100-word stories & wonders

A determined man searches the world over for the sole copy of a manuscript from a long lost library. Inspired by this photo of Grove Rare Books by Betty Longbottom, via geograph.

A book store. Bolton Abbey, North Yorkshire. Matthew opened the antique door. Bells jingled. Light pierced dusty murk, revealing ceiling-high shelves packed with ancient spines and the odd detritus of bohemian lives. Baroque portieres parted. A wall-eyed bookseller shuffled forward. “May I help you?” “I’m searching for the… Corvinus Grimoire,” muttered Matthew. “Lost with the Raven King’s great library.” The bookseller beamed. “Indeed.” “So, you know of it!” “It is our business to know of such things.” “Well?” “Perhaps—” “Is it here?” “Eventually.” Matthew blinked. The bookseller smiled. “All such lost wonders find their way here in time.”

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