Secret Admirer

From a collection of 100-word stories & wonders

The 21st century incarnation of Sherlock Holmes becomes entangled in the case of the Woman with the Ruby Red Lips. Image by Tania Saiz, via flickr.

“Mail?” asked Sherlock. “Um, napkin,” replied Watson. Sherlock took it. “Lipstick,” he said, as if announcing an analytical finding. “Red.” He fingered, tasted. “Chanel. Passion.” “Sherlock?” queried Watson. “You get a girlfriend when I wasn’t looking?” Sherlock paused, stared. “Nope.” “Well then, you have a secret admirer.” “What’re you talking about?” “Like when someone anonymously buys you a drink—oh, why bother!” “Hmmmm.” Sherlock pressed the heel of his hand to the print. Sniffed. Puckered. Kissed. “What’re you doing?” “Molly!” “You know that how? ” “Easy. Her brand. Other… trace residues.” “Why would Molly…?” “We might have made out last night.”

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