Silent Messenger

From a collection of 100-word stories & wonders

An old woman holds off the silent messenger so she can savor a final dream of young love’s promise of always and forever. Photo by Steve Finegan.


Trailing bubbles, a flat amphibian head broke the pond’s surface close enough to startle dozing old Morgan Brynmor. Next instant, a crow shrieked in the woods. An unambiguous omen. Then deathly quiet while the emerald-eyed frog bobbed there, gazing at her. “Not so quick, water plopper,” chided Morgan. “I ain’t ready, not just yet.” She closed her eyes; the dream was waiting: young Morgan, full of sap and loving Aiden in a summer bower, delighting in the pine-scented night, in youth’s sticky-sweet promise of always and forever. The frog only gazed at the old woman and waited.

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