Silent Snow

From a collection of 100-word stories & wonders

A lone horseback rider is overwhelmed by the uncanny silence of a winter snowstorm. Inspired by this Wilson A. Bentley 1890 photograph of a single, unique snowflake, via Wikimedia.

Snowflakes drifted from an ash-pale sky. On earth, snow pillowed in crooks and hollows, on crowding oaks and red-berried blackthorn. Marguerite, her senses heightened by brisk morning air, slowed to a snow-muffled walk. She reined at the sight of a crystalized spiderweb strung across her path, like some gossamer fairy gate. While her gray stood quietly, steam rising, Marguerite dismounted. Inspected. Beyond this icy dreamcatcher, the narrow trail wandered off into an immensity of white… nothingness. The snowfall thickened. Marguerite shivered. No longer alone with her busy thoughts, but engulfed in utter silence, she remounted and fled.

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