Standing Watch

From a collection of 100-word stories & wonders

The last of three stories inspired and informed by “Single Room, Earth View,” an article by the late Sally Ride published in Air & Space Magazine, July 2012. NASA photo of astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson via Wikimedia

“You remind me of Melville’s stander-of-mastheads,” said Vlad, squeezing in beside Carrie for a god’s eye view of the Pacific. “Cry out when you see White Whale.” Carrie didn’t laugh. “You know,” she mused aloud, “from space it’s a watery pasture, but then you begin to notice things.” “What things?” “Like the way glancing sunlight gives it a molten silver sheen. And swirling eddies, miles wide. And waves—long-ass waves, bearing down on Peru. Even a fishing fleet, like tiny stars adrift in the night…” Vlad shoved off. “As I say, shout when you see Moby Dick.”

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