Tell the Bees

From a collection of 100-word stories & wonders

A beekeeper’s tiny charges stay loyal to the end. Inspired by a reportedly true story in keeping with folk tradition. Photo by Ken Thomas, via Wikimedia.

“The bees are comin’!” shouted young Christopher from the edge of the open grave. He pointed up through bare January branches, wind-rattled against a leaden sky. “Hush, boy,” sniffed Widow Hinton. “Bees don’t swarm this time o—” She sputtered, stopped, looked up. All eyes followed her gaze. A thrumming cloud swept in low over the treetops and down among mystified, flailing mourners. Thousands of bees. Gently alighting upon the flower-draped coffin of Charlie Hinton, beekeeper. “You didn’t tell the bees!” cried Christopher. A golden-jacketed outlier danced in his hand. “Now they’re goin’, and they ain’t comin’ back!”

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