Temple of Sorrows

From a collection of 100-word stories & wonders

A refugee turns down an opportunity to leave her sorrow behind before embarking on a journey to a brave new world. Inspired by this image of the Temple of Transition from the 2011 Burning Man by zaigee, via Flickr.

Temple of Transition

After the Catastrophe, Shay joined other refugees in the desert. There, thousands crowded the Great Temple of Transition to pour out and leave behind their griefs, sorrows before setting out for the sea. Worn Sharpie in hand, Shay stood before the Palimpsest Wall: layers of faded, overlapping texts buried beneath fresh-penned regrets. A temple Guardian appeared. “You hesitate,” he said. “I’m bewildered.” “By what?” “That I feel no grief or sorrow that I would leave behind.” Surprised, he said, “You prefer to carry your burden to the sea?” “It makes me who I am.” The Guardian nodded, moved on.

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