The Alameda


The Alameda is the home site for a growing collection of short fictions and wonders (access stories in sidebar on the right) about a handful of characters growing up during the tumultuous, magical decade of the 1960s on an Alameda Street where anything’s possible.

I know some of you will have your own special memories of the landmarks and places featured in these stories set in Portland’s Alameda neighborhood. I’m including a photo tour of a few of my favorite locations below…











My plan is to publish this short story collection in book form one of these days. In the meantime, I’ll post the stories here for your enjoyment and comments.



Moonstruck Part I – Robby momentarily stops to share his cookies with a mysterious girl and returns home moonstruck.





Moonstruck Part II – For months now Robby’s dreams have been haunted by a beautiful girl with no name.





Semper Fi – Penny discovers why her father has always avoided mean Old Lady Parker.





Swordplay – Gabe makes friends with a girl and her knight in armor.




Sidewalk Sneakers

Bike Ditch’em – Dennis’s life goes sideways when he gets a cheesy bike for his birthday.




The Bogeyman – Danny takes the blame for the antics of a dispossessed bogeyman


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