The Creator

From a collection of 100-word stories & wonders

An artist dreams of creating a tiny universe. Inspired by the micro-sculptures of artist Willard Wigan. Photo by Steve Finegan.


“Reminds me of Blake’s world in a grain of sand,” said the patron, “only… incredible!” The artist’s fevered eyes shone. He had, wielding impossibly small tools between heartbeats, brought into being an earth suspended in a needle’s eye. “A speck of glitter would be like the sun to this earth,” he said. “But my tiny globe’s still much too big.” “Preposterous!” cried the patron. “It’s only one planet,” argued the artist. “There are, what, 200 billion galaxies? Think of all those planets!” “Surely you can’t mean…” The artist glanced longingly at the viewing microscope. “They said earth couldn’t be done.”

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