The Real Thing

From a collection of 100-word stories & wonders

A great teacher helps his biology class rediscover frogs as more than just the dead objects of a lesson to be learned. Photo “American Bullfrog” by Edd Prince, via flickr

“I thought we were supposed to be dissecting frogs today,” said Amy to no one in particular. “What’s with the field trip?” She was cuffing her jeans to keep off the pond scum. “Mr. Murray says you can’t see the real frog anymore once it lands dead on your desk,” said Jamil. “Something ’bout… context.” “What?” Jamil shrugged. “Hey, everybody!” cried Kyle. “Check it out!” He marched up gripping a slimy bullfrog in two muddy, outstretched hands. “Well!” said Mr. Murray,” A specimen of Lithobates catesbeianus.” “No, sir, not a specimen. It’s the big guy we heard from the bus.”

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