The Seeker

From a collection of 100-word stories & wonders

A man rides deep into the Sahara in search of eternity. Image of the 1906 watercolor “Bedouin Camp” by John Singer Sargent, via Wikimedia.


They told him time travel into the past was a paradoxical impossibility. Fine, he wanted to venture into eternity. No complex tech. A camel. He rode south into the Sahara, into that realm of shimmering heat and date-palm oases. Eventually, he arrived among the Bedouin. Low-slung tents. Groaning camels. Men in billowing white, squatting, smoking, sipping tea from tiny cracked cups. Children playing. No women in sight. He was greeted as honored guest. Served tea. Ambrosia. “What is it you seek?” they asked, languidly. “Eternity.” A toothless old man flapped a hand toward limitless dunes. “Then be content.”

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