Twilight of the Gods

From a collection of 100-word stories & wonders

Thamus receives a death announcement. Inspired by Plutarch’s essay “The Passing of the Oracles,” written by the famous biographer and essayist about 100 C.E. Image of 1899 oil painting “Pan” by Mikhail Vrubel, via Wikimedia.

The ship swept across the wine-dark sea. With a growing sense of unease and a fluttering heart, Thamus stood at the rail, beneath the vault of stars, inhaling the salt tang, listening. Suddenly, from the mysterious silhouetted island, the booming voice he thought he’d dreamed: “Thamus, do you hear me?” Clearing his throat, Thamus cupped trembling hands and rasped, “Hail! I hear you!” After what seemed an eternity of plashing waves against creaking timbers, the voice boomed again, grown more resonant, more god-like. “Thamus, go hence to Rome and proclaim Delphic Apollo’s final utterance: ‘Great Pan is dead!’”

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