Twilight Zone

From a collection of 100-word stories & wonders

The second of three stories inspired and informed by “Single Room, Earth View,” an article by the late Sally Ride published in Air & Space Magazine, July 2012. NASA photo via Wikimedia. Look for the last story in this three-part series on February 22.

Racing across the twilight zone like a winged morning star, Randi pressed her nose to glass and looked back at receding night. Moonless. Inky-black. Punctuated by blazing strands, like earthbound galactic filaments, up the Eastern Seaboard. Below, lightning flickered beneath muffin-topped storm clouds. Ahead, sunrise swept over the shimmering Atlantic, beams glancing off tiny white hairlines, telltales of invisible ships, planes. Everything she knew, loved, hated abided in that diaphanous sea of air, passing from day to night and back every 45 minutes. Young, with her whole life before her, Randi leaned into the dizzying onrush of time.

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