Veterans Day

From a collection of 100-word stories & wonders

A mushroomed lump of lead brings the Civil War to vivid life for one boy. Inspired by a spent Minié ball found on the Gettysburg battlefield in 1889. Photo by Steve Finegan.


They breezed past the display case. Children, their darting eyes skipping over faded Civil War relics: rifles, bayonets, pistols, sabers. “Pssst, kid!” Bobby turned. An old man in olive drab was rummaging in a hip pocket. Bobby reached out to point, but the man dropped a hefty gray object into his hand. “What the heck…?” “Minié ball. Wicked thing. Grandpa dug it up ages ago near where General Armistead fell at Gettysburg.” Bobby stared at the timeworn, mushroomed gray lead. “Imagine! Deafening fire. Desperate, roaring men. That bullet probably passed right through flesh’n bone.” “Wow!” said Bobby. “Wow indeed, kiddo.”

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